Refresher Usage Areas

Refresher provides excellent performance with its special biological formulation for all sources that can cause bad odor. It eliminates the smells of food, grills, cigarettes, slippers, and shoes that permeate the items, as well as the bad odors that occur after natural disasters such as floods and fires. Refresher is used to remove bad odors in shelters, garbage collection areas and containers, public restaurants, garbage solidification operations, garbage beds, poultry/dairy / solid waste sites, organic fertilizers, and food businesses. It is also effective in drying garbage beds.

Refresher Usage Methods

How to Use Refresher?

Why Refresher?

Refresher quickly neutralizes or eliminates odors without the need to use hazardous chemical oxides or masking agents.

Refresher is a special product that eliminates odors with its biologically effective formula.

Thanks to its biological formulation, it decomposes bad odors into organic components.

With its neutralizing effect, it provides relief quickly.

Contains a special ingredient that stimulates microbial activity.

Refresher destroys the organic source of odors by separation and interaction and dries them out.

It is environmentally friendly. It is ecological.

Odor Absorbing / long-lasting deodorizing effect.

It has a fast and long-lasting effect.

Provides direct odor control.

The developed biological formulation replaces environmentally hazardous deodorizers or conditioners.

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