Meet BioSea

BIOSEA Ecological Cleaning Product

BIOSEA Usage Areas

BIOSEA; is a highly effective ecological cleaning product, in the cleaning of oil accidents or oil wastes that occur on the coasts and rivers, in the water collection areas, as well as in the fight against the danger of explosion. BIOSEA; surrounds the molecular structure of oil and petroleum products and prevents oils from sticking to the shore, beaches, beaches, stones, rocks, plants and animals. Lubrication and dirt on the covers and walls of dams can also be easily cleaned with BIOSEA.

As a Ph-Neutral, biological product, it is suitable for dermatological. Thanks to the enzymatic bio activators it contains, it eliminates oil and petroleum wastes biologically, and as a result, H2o and Co2 are released. Thus, it eliminates the hazardous properties of such wastes.

Why BioSea?

Application of BIOSEA in accidents that can cause serious damage to animal and plant life, such as major oil spills; It is a very effective choice for minimizing and preventing possible environmental damage.

Due to its biological structure, BIOSEA does not harm animals and plants in any way.

It is an environmentally and nature friendly ecological product.

dam etc. It increases efficiency by eliminating the pollution caused by large systems while working and negatively affecting the working performance.

It provides a quick response opportunity in oil, petroleum and derivative pollutions that may occur in marine accidents.

It is easy to use and has low inventory cost.

Contamination in irrigation dams or ponds.

It prevents soil pollution that may occur by preventing.

It can also be applied in soil or vegetation contamination.

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