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About Us

Zoi Environmental Technologies has been at the forefront of environmental sciences and sustainable technologies since its inception in 2012. As a pioneering institution, we focus on developing sustainable, patented technologies through innovative biotechnological approaches. Our efforts have been recognized with the “World’s Most Efficient Bioremediation Product” title by the European Commission in 2016 and 2019, earning us excellence awards on three occasions.

Our mission is to leave a cleaner and more habitable world for future generations by providing innovative and sustainable solutions. In line with this mission, we continuously expand our product portfolio, leading the development of eco-friendly technologies.

Our Vision is to become a globally preferred and leading brand by producing sustainable and environmental technologies.

Our Mission is to create a sustainable future with innovative and effective solutions.

Awarded Technology

Since our establishment, Zoi Environmental Technologies has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards for our innovative products and projects:

  • Awarded by the ITU Core (Big Bang) 2013
  • Awarded the European Commission Seal of Excellence in 2018
  • Twice awarded the European Commission Seal of Excellence in 2019

These accolades are a testament to our extraordinary success in sustainability, innovation, and environmental effectiveness. At Zoi Environmental Technologies, we remain committed to developing innovative solutions in environmental sustainability and to leaving a better world for future generations.

m3 of Wastewater
Treating Daily
ton of Sludge
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  • Awarded with the grand prize from Istanbul Technical University Big Bang (Technopark) with revolutionary idea which is the “BioGuy”


  • Start of organized distribution of BioGuy 1st Gen. to 50+ implementation points


  • First investment received by TRAngels
  • BioSea and Enzyme+
  • An utmost effective enzymatic solution to cope with the oil leakages to the environment
  • Awarded by European Commission with a – Seal of Excellence (BioGuy 1st Gen)


  • Awarded for Seal of Excellence by European Comission
seal of excellence


  • Conceptual design of BioGuy 2nd
  • 1st patent approved
  • Applied for 2nd patent
  • Twice awarded the European Commission Seal of Excellence in 2019


  • Smart city and facility management
  • Seal of excellence support by TUBITAK
  • Sense7 field testing
tubitak zoi


  • After being observed with its technology and business model ,invited by the DIT of UK, establishment of ZOI Environmental Technologies, in London
  • EU Sustainable Development Goals
  • BioGuy 2nd Gen. is now used by global hospitality brands players in the Maldives
enterpreneurs are great zoi


  • Global presence of the Zoi brand
  • Became solution partners with Mercedes-Benz Türkiye
  • Broadening solution partnership with Toyota Türkiye started in 2016 with BioGuy 1st Gen. with the mounting of BioGuy 2nd Gen.


  • Establishment of JVs in Europe & Gulf region to increase the # of channels and reach more customers
  • Global patent for BioGuy 2nd Gen. to be approved
  • New partnership with QINVEST Fund
q invvest zoi
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